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This section provides the opportunity for customers of Torque Italia to show off their car.

John S' Fiat Coupe 20V Turbo - 616BHP, 480lbs/ft

The fastest road legal Fiat in the UK, possibly the fastest 20V Turbo in the World and the original 2.4 conversion

  • Engine:
    • Torque Italia 2.4 Conversion Shortblock
      • Modified Fiat Group 175A3 5cyl 2.0 Block
      • Flex-honed
      • Torque Italia designed forged pistons
      • Torque Italia designed forged steel rods
      • Torque Italia 2.4l nitride hardened long stroke forged crank
      • C&B 'Fast Road' 280/260 10.2in/9.6ex cams specially timed
    • Blitz C1 6" stainless steel mesh intake cone
    • polished aluminium 6"-4" intake trumpet
    • 4" Straight through intake
    • Siemens 750cc/min @ 3 Bar injectors
    • 3" turbo downpipe
    • 3" straight through exhaust with lightweight boxes
    • 6 Speed LE Gearbox
    • Bespoke GT30 Hybrid Turbo
      • A/R 0.70 T-04S Compressor cover with 4" intake and 2.5" exit
      • 0.82 exhaust housing
      • Bespoke matched compressor and turbine wheel combination
      • Tial 40mm external wastegate with V-band clamps
      • Custon twin-scroll exhaust manifold with divided T3 flange
    • Torque Italia Stage 4 Head
      • Ported High Flow Cylinder head with redesigned intake and exhaust ports
      • New oversized valve seats
      • Custom enlarged intake valves
      • Custom enlarged hollow exhaust valves
      • 3 angle valve seats
      • back-cut valves
    • Ported intake and exhaust manifolds
    • Skyline style Front-Mount Intercooler
    • Intercooler water spray with 4x nozzles
    • Aquamist 2C system mapped to engine management
    • Dedra ancillary water bottle for intercooler water spray
    • Torque Italia oversize aluminium radiator
    • Pipercross Oil breather filter
    • Helix twin plate clutch
    • HKS Super SQV (SSQV) VTA Dump valve

  • Styling
    • Cadamuro front splitter
    • Zender rear apron
    • LE side skirts
    • Torque Italia silver graphics
    • 8x18" 5x98 ET35 Antera 183 Split-rim road alloys with Toyo 245/35R18 tyres
    • 8x17" 5x98 ET30 Azev E track alloys with Yokohama A048R 215/45R17 front and 225/45R17 rear tyres
    • 7.5x17" 5x98 ET35 OZ Superturismo track alloys with Pirelli P-Zero Corsa 225/45R17 Tyres
    • Torque Italia polished rocker cover
    • Torque Italia polished plenum chamber
    • Torque Italia colour coded sparkplug cover
    • Dented bonnet (still!)

  • Suspension & Brakes
    • 5x98 Alfa Hub conversion
    • Porsche 996 Twin Turbo [Brembo] front monobloc aluminium calipers with custom caliper mounting brackets
    • Pagid blue fast road pads
    • Recalibrated brake compensation
    • 340x35mm cast vented Porsche discs on alumium rotors
    • TI/FK Stainless coilover kit with uprated springs and shocks
    • Uprated front and rear anti-roll bars
    • Momo sport inverted strut brace

  • Interior
    • Dial rings, heater rings, clock ring
    • Pininfarina kick plates
    • Nomad twin A pillar guage pod
    • 60mm 2.5 Bar SARD boost gauge
    • AEM wideband UEGO lambda sensor and gauge
    • SPA intake temp/EGT dual digital gauge
    • Torque Italia short-shift kit

  • Engine Management
    • Motec M600 ECU mapped by Mark Harrison at Owen Developments
    • Modified variator switchover
    • gear and rpm boost maps
    • Advanced v3 traction control with A/D convertors
    • Advance rpm-to-speed launch control and staged rev limiter
    • Aquamist 2C map
    • Motec 3 bar MAP sensor
    • Motec air temp sensor
    • 568BHP, 440lbs/ft (V-Power), 616BHP, 480lbs/ft (102 RON fuel) all at just 1.5 bar boost

  • Fuelling
    • Walbro 255lph high pressure lift pump
    • Direct voltage feed
    • 1 litre swirl pot
    • Bosch 044 external fuel pump
    • fully braided fuel lines

One of the best known Fiat Coupe's in the UK

The Torque Italia promotional livery was added for TOTB3

2.5 bar Sard boost guage isn't just for show!

18" Antera 183 split rim allys on 5 stud hubs (standard 20V Turbo uses 4 stud hubs)

Coming Soon - Sheikh's Fiat Coupe 20V Turbo

From a standard car to one of the fastest Coupes in the UK in less than a year. The story behind Sheikh's coupe.

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